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    All the above mentioned types of fur are manufactured from one-piece pelts, but differ as to the manufacturing process.

    The top quality fur is the one manufactured using the technique "Ksesirmeno", the most difficult manufacturing technique.

    A fur that is manufactured using this technique does not lose its shape in time. It is the only type of fur, which after being severed into pieces of six (6) mm, it is sewn back on the model of choice, thus giving, upon completion, the illusion of a seamless pelt. The fur that is manufactured with the technique of "Ksesirmeno" is considered to be a top quality fur and is, thus, the most expensive worldwide. The Chinese fur manufacturing industry cannot apply this Greek technique because of their lack of know-how and the high production costs.



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    The most common fur sale points in Greece are:

    a) Katerini (Beach)
    b) Creta (Chersonissos)
    c) Chalkidiki
    d) Greek islands
    e) Kastoria (Craft Industries and Stores)

    ATTENTION! You should keep in mind that if you choose to follow a tour guide to select a store, the price of your fur will be increased by an additional fee of up to 30%, due to the commission of the tour guide and the agency they work for. Select the store that best suits your needs and make sure that it has its own craft industry (as there are many stores that simply operate as resellers and sell furs of dubious quality (e.g. Chinese) etc. In order to select the store you wish to visit, do a quick search online to find out if the store has a craft industry in Greece.

    ZARZOS BROS has a craft industry in Greece. By having our own craft industry, we are able to produce quality fur in Greece in affordable prices, as we do not need intermediaries and resellers.

    We would love to meet and assist you with your purchases in one of our 4 stores both in Europe and Asia. You can find the addresses of our stores, as well as the GoogleMaps coordinates in our website, in the tab "Stores".


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    The pelt should be glossy, flexible and well-tailored. Its fur should be short and thick. Touch the base of the fur. It should be dense and soft under the guard hairs, which should be soft rather than bristly. The stitches should be sewn tightly. The hem should be straight. You should always try the item of clothing on to make sure that its weight does not make you feel uncomfortable. You may be surprised by how light some fur coats actually are. A well-tailored fur should be balanced and fall evenly and comfortably off your shoulders. When you stretch your arms horizontally, the leather part of the fur should not feel too tight. Prefer pelts from Canada, America, Denmark and Finland. A good-quality fur comes with a factory warranty of a minimum of three (3) years.


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    A) Check the label on the fur to see if the country of origin is clearly stated and if the brand that is stated on the label matches the brand of the store.

    B) Some characteristics of Chinese furs are:
    i) Long and rough hair
    ii) Light and soft pelt
    iii) Extremely stretched and thin pelt




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    The purchase of a fur is a long-term investment, and therefore all clients expect their fur to remain in a good condition for many years, shiny and elegant, as on the date of purchase. However, the quality of the fur depends on many factors, i.e. the type of animal, storage conditions, factory warranty, type of stitching, etc. Generally, for each type of fur, there is a specific number of seasons, for which you can expect your fur to last, if it is properly taken care of.


    Fur Season
    Beaver 18
    Sable 12
    Mink 10
    Raccoon 9
    Swakara 6
    Mouton 6
    Red Fox 5
    Lynx 5
    Rabbit 4
    Chinchilla 2
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    They are names of pelts from various auction companies. These pelts originate from America, Canada, Denmark and Finland.

    These companies name their pelts depending on their quality. Lately, Blacklama has been considered to be the best pelt in terms of quality and consequently the most expensive one. There are, however, other types of pelts that are of the same quality as Blacklama. In fact, many companies have pelts of even higher quality, which, however, cannot be named Blacklame, as this name has been trademarked by another company. As a result, new names have arisen, such as BlackNafa (Canada), BlackVelvet (Dennmark) and SagaRuagial (Finland).

    All companies mentioned above, attempt to use advertising to strengthen the reputation of their pelt names and consequently to sell these pelts at a higher price. Therefore, when you are buying a fur, you should pay more attention to the quality of the pelt (the hair on the pelt should be short and dense) rather than the name stated on the label.



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    Furs demand special care both when worn and when stored. The following advice will help you preserve your fur clothing, so that they keep their natural shine, thickness and intensity of color for a longer period of time. The most significant advice with regard to the preservation of a fur is that you should wear it as often as possible in the winter in order to let it "breathe" in the icy air. The outdoor environment improves its quality, while keeping it in a closet makes it "suffocate". When you return home, shake your fur coat well in order to remove all snowflakes and hang it on a wide hanger in an open space. If you get caught in the rain, do not panic. Just shake off water drops and dry your fur in a room without any heating devices. After drying, you can fix the texture of the hair using a metal brush. Be careful when you sit down while wearing the fur. Spread the fur before you sit in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Moreover, avoid putting your handbag on your shoulder or your arm, because the fur could easily fray at the area under the strap of the bag. Do not apply your perfume directly on the fur. The scent evaporates very slowly and the alcohol in the perfume could ruin the hair. In the summer, it is advisable to keep the fur in a special refrigerated storage room, under the required temperature and humidity conditions. If you are unable to do so, store your fur in an appropriate place in your house - in a dark space (for optimum preservation of colors), cover it using a cotton case and leave some empty room around it. Do not keep the fur in a plastic (or synthetic) bag. Synthetic cases are usually the ones that come with your fur when you purchase it and are used to protect it during its transport. They should only be used for a very brief period of time, as the fur "cannot breathe" in them. Place anti-moth products, dry orange peels or tobacco leaves in your closet to protect your fur from moths. Do not have your fur coat dry cleaned too often. You can remove light stains from the hair of your fur using a wet sponge. Rub the surface gently, without getting it wet.


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    If the lining of the fur gets dirty, you can clean it using a clean cloth with a little water and detergent.

    If the fur is soiled or it starts turning yellow (which may happen after many years) you should ask for professional help from a specialized establishment with the appropriate equipment.




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